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Q:  How long will my watch take to ship?

A:  All products are shipped UPS ground (3-5 business days) unless expedited shipping is requested.

Q: Can I change the battery locally?

A: You can but your warranty will be voided. It is best to send your watch to our service center because a local jeweler might not reseal your watch properly making it lose the water resistance.

Q: My watch stopped working, how do I know if it is a battery problem?

 A: Your watch battery should last 2 to 5 years depending on usage and how long it was at the store prior to purchasing.

Q: Do retailers/dealers also sell parts?

A: Unfortunately, majority of the retailers/dealers do not have parts available at their locations. However, you may place orders by phone by calling our consumer services dept.: 1 888 825 0527 

Q: How can I order replacement watch band & parts?

A: Please contact our warranty, parts and repair center: 1 888 825 0527 

Q: What if I can't locate the model the number on the watch?

A: If you are unable to locate the model number on the case back of the watch, you may email a picture to our ICE-Watch customer service center: webstore@ca.ice-watch.com

Q: How can I order a watch if I live outside of Canada?

A: Please visit www.ice-watch.com

Q: How do I get instructions on my watch if they are not listed on the website?

A: You can contact our technical support by email under “contact us” or call our service center for assistance with settings.

Q: I need help setting my watch, who do I contact?

A: You can call our service center or email technical support under “contact us”

Q: Are there any authorized repair centers in my area that can fix my ICE-Watch?

A: The only authorized repair center is in Montreal, Quebec.


ICE-Watch Canada

5333 Casgrain Suite 702, Montreal, H2T 1X3, Quebec, Canada

Phone: 1 888 825 0527

Water Resistance

The watches are made with mechanical and electronic parts that can be damaged by water and humidity. In this case, the water resistance of the watch can be defined as its resistance to water pressure.

Is Water Resistance valid for life?

The water resistance rating is provided for a new watch with gaskets, crystal and case in perfect condition. Water resistance is assured at the time the watch is made and tested before it leaves the factory, but isn’t guaranteed for the life of the watch.
The duration of water resistance can vary depending on the characteristics of the watch, the way it is used and the way it is taken care of.
Normal ageing of the gaskets that ensure water resistance is quickened by thermal shock and large swings in temperature when the watch moves from sunlight to cold water or to a humid environment.

What can I do to keep my watch in good condition?

Salt water, acidity from perspiration, perfumes and chemical products can attack the watch gaskets and reduce the duration of water resistance.
We recommend that you check the condition of your watch on a regular basis to ensure that all parts that contribute to water resistance are in good condition: crown, push buttons, crystal and gaskets.
Do not use the crown or push buttons when you are in the water. If the watch has a screw-in crown, always make sure that it is tight before going in the water.

How can I tell if my watch is no longer waterproof?

If you see any damage or abnormalities avoid contact with water. Humidity and water infiltration can lead to expensive repair bills.
Note that water condensation under the crystal or on the dial means that the watch is no longer waterproof and needs to be repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

How often should I have my watch checked for water resistance?

When the watch has been opened for servicing, make sure that all water resistance checks have been done, especially if you use the watch in water or in a damp environment on a regular basis.
We recommend that you have the water resistance of your watch checked once a year and every time the watch is opened.

General Customer Service Inquiries

5333 Casgrain Suite 702, Montreal, H2T 1X3, Quebec, Canada

Phone: 1 888 825 0527


Warranty / Parts & Repairs

5333 Casgrain Suite 702, Montreal, H2T 1X3, Quebec, Canada

Phone: 1 888 825 0527


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Phone: 1 888 825 0527

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5333 Casgrain Suite 702, Montreal, H2T 1X3, Quebec, Canada

Phone: 1 888 825 0527